Our Values

Transparent Council

The core of our business is relationships; trust is the foundation. Highlands helps you make decisions grounded in integrity that drive enduring results.

We never cut corners, over-promise, or hide information to move a search forward. We won’t risk eroding your brand, nor ours. We gather and present all the facts about our candidates, the marketplace, and your opportunity. Our transparent communication enables us to be a trusted advisor to our clients and candidates. 


Lasting Results 

We think long-term. The most valuable asset any business has is its people. The financial cost of hiring the wrong person is substantial, as is the negative impact on a company’s morale and productivity. 

Finding the right match requires diligence and attention. We identify and attract top talent through a deep understanding of your business and a rigorous assessment of individuals’ capabilities and style.

We investigate the layers of each candidate’s personality, track record, and qualifications throughout every interaction we have with him or her. The strength of our network enables us to enhance our knowledge of prospects through discreet LP and peer referencing. Our goal is to ensure that you make the most informed hiring decisions possible.

We understand the importance of running an effective hire process.