Commitment to Diversity

Highlands Partners understands diversity of thought contributes to a more complete understanding of opportunities and issues, fostering better decision-making and competitive advantage. Organizations able to tap into contributions from high-performing executives from a broad set of backgrounds and experiences will be in the best position to thrive and grow in an increasingly complex and competitive marketplace. Employees at companies with diverse workforces and inclusive cultures experience higher levels of creativity and engagement, indicate a stronger intent to stay in their jobs, and feel a greater sense of belonging.

Highlands Partners is committed to providing the most qualified and inclusive candidates available, based entirely on individual merit and without exclusion. Diversity, as we define it, encompasses all persons regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political beliefs, physical abilities as well as socio-economic status. We help our clients realize organizational outcomes and business objectives by building more diverse teams and inclusive cultures.

At Highlands Partners, we recognize that finding the right talent is the ultimate goal. We understand the nuances of diversity across industries and geographies. We feature diversity through every aspect of the search process by understanding our clients’ specific diversity goals, leveraging our extensive networks and proprietary database, broadening our search strategy beyond usual channels to find gifted innovators, and enhance the diversity of the candidate pool. We portray our clients in a manner appealing to all persons. Highlands Partners’ focus is on accountability and credibility, and we continually monitor the diversity of the candidate pool from the initial to the final stages. Highlands Partners also take initiatives to counsel clients on the creation of a more inclusive search process.