Executive Search Process

1 · Consulting

We collaborate to develop an in-depth understanding of your organization, culture, and hiring needs, and analyze the challenges unique to your firm and the role.

We provide competitor market intelligence and objective insight from our experience to jointly establish a clear definition of responsibilities for the job, skill requirements, and personality characteristics requisite for communication and success. We guide you on how to build an appropriate framework for compensation.

Highlands works with you to predetermine which employees will be involved in interviews, and ultimately who has the authority to make the hire. We establish your expectations of us upfront and set timelines for deliverables.

2 · Identify

Highlands conducts research into target companies and sectors to identify individuals with relevant skills and qualifications, leveraging our extensive industry and functional expertise, and contacts from the depth and breadth of our previous search work.

The strength of our network allows us to conduct soft peer referencing to identify and qualify prospects’ capabilities and individual style with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality. 

We cultivate a comprehensive long list of prospects with the capabilities and leadership experience most qualified for the role.

3 · Attract and Assess

Highlands approaches prospective candidates to share meaningful content about the opportunity, your business and philosophy and calibrate their interest in the role. We draw from our understanding about candidates’ interests, concerns and aspirations to influence strong prospects to consider your opportunity.

We rigorously evaluate candidates through interviews and references to ensure his or her skills, knowledge, personality and record of accomplishments fits your organization's needs, as well as what success in the role looks like across the industry.

4 · Presentation

The key to a successful search is not for you to interview as many candidates as possible. Highlands will narrow down the talent field to discreetly identify the top performers and develop a shortlist of leading candidates with interest in the role that we will bring to you for consideration. 

Highlands provides an in-depth analysis and appraisal of each candidate against the specification. We pull from informal external perspectives on each candidate to provide valuable insight into his or her track record and reputation. 

We communicate with you regularly to stay informed of feedback on and from candidates, share observations from the market and sentiment towards the opportunity, and ensure we are meeting your expectations. We give timely and constructive feedback to candidates, manage their expectations, and treat them in a manner that enhances your brand.

5 · Selection

Our mission is twofold: to help you identify the individual who will have the greatest impact on your business, and to serve as your trusted advisor throughout the entire recruitment process. We work with you to evaluate the lead candidates’ core competencies, compare them against each other and discuss any concerns.

Once the finalist is selected, we help conduct thorough referencing to further assess strengths, and weaknesses, verify track record, and provide 360 degree views of the individual. 

We advise on structuring an offer that encompasses an appropriate and competitive framework for compensation and retention. We assist in negotiations over compensation and other terms to help complete the search.

We stay close to the candidate and coach him or her through the resignation process to secure a successful transition.

6 · Performance Management

Your partnership with Highlands continues beyond the new hire’s start date. We understand the complexities of onboarding a new team member and seek to ensure the most seamless integration. 


Highlands amplifies the rate of success through our ongoing investment in your business. We plan several post-placement candidate feedback assessments to identify any issues early, which allows us to properly investigate and provide tailored solutions to ensure lasting results.