Hiring the right talent is crucial.

Highlands Partners chooses to execute a select number of mandates at any one time to ensure optimized results. It is our driving principle to develop a comprehensive understanding of your business and growth ambitions. Our insight enables us to provide targeted access to the highest-performing and culturally-aligned candidates who will position your firm for the greatest level of success. 

Highlands Partners leverages extensive market knowledge and long term relationships in the investor and asset management community to help our clients build and sustain the most competitive client-facing efforts possible.

We continue to provide customized solutions from new hire integration assessments to broader holistic best practices counsel throughout and beyond the onboarding process. We keep you informed of the latest industry intelligence that is pertinent to your business and offer strategic connections to our network of third-party experts.

Highlands is your partner in search, with all our knowledge, resources, insights, and experience dedicated to your success.